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Hassle free. One week supply of fresh fruits to your doorstep!!!

Delivery will be made the next day before 9pm.

Delivery including Weekends and Public Holidays.

Premium Fresh Fruits Bundle C1 consist of the following:

- Watermelon x 1 (5kg)
- Papaya x 1 (1kg - 1.2kg)
- Golden Pear x 2 (0.7kg - 0.8kg)
- Fuji Apple x 3 (0.72kg - 0.84kg)
- Orange x 3 (360g - 480g)
- Banana x 1 Bunch (1.5kg)
- Avocado x 2 (280g-300g
- Green Kiwi x 3 ( 315g -330g)
- DragonFruit white x 2 (0.9kg - 1kg)

In the event any of the fruits are not available, we will inform you and replace the fruits with another of the same value or higher in value. Thank you

*The weight above is estimated and may vary slightly.