SLH Thai Honey Mango Gift Box (Box of 6-10pcs)(3.0kg -3.5kg)

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This product comes in a box consisting of 6 to 10 Thailand Honey Mango

Key Information:

Regardless of origin, the Honey mango is a unique variety when compared to its fruity counterparts. It tends to be a bit smaller than other mango varieties, but it makes up for it in flavor. Honeys are creamy and sweet with no fibers throughout. They also have a small seed inside, so there's more mango flesh to enjoy!

Health Benefits:
Mangoes are a good source of vitamins and minerals.They can contribute heavily to the daily requirement for several nutrients, including:

Nutrient - Percentage of daily requirement in adults
Vitamin C - 66.78% for males, and 80.13% for females
Vitamin A - 9.9% for males, and 12.73% for females
Folate - 17.75%
Vitamin B-6 - 15.08%
Vitamin K - 5.77% for males, and 7.7% for females
Potassium - 5.89%

Mangoes also contribute copper, calcium, and iron to the diet, as well as the antioxidants zeaxanthin and beta-carotene.

One 165-gram (g) cup of sliced, raw mango provides:

99 calories
1.35 g of protein
0.63g of fat
24.7 g of carbohydrate
22.5 g of sugar
2.64 g of fiber

Country of Origin:

Store in a cool and dry place