SLH China/Korea Dried Persimmon

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One box contains approx 350-400g of dried persimmon

Key Description :

Dried persimmon is a type of traditional dried fruit snack in East Asia. It is also known as shìbǐng (柿餅) in Chinese, hoshigaki (干し柿) in Japanese, and gotgam (곶감) in Korean, it is traditionally made in the winter, by air drying Oriental persimmon. It is also used to make wine, put in traditional tea, and in creating other desserts.

Dried persimmon are made from various varieties of Oriental persimmon. Persimmons, when fully ripe, are thin-skinned, soft, and sweet

Dried persimmons contain lots of fiber and vitamins. please keep it in a freezer on arrival so that it can be kept fresh for a long time. And when eating, set out at room temperature until it became melted and you can enjoy more tasty dried persimmons.

80g(Approx 2 fruits) of dried persimmons contain

Calories. 219cal. 11% RDA/RI.
Carbs. 47g. 37% RDA/RI.
Sugars. 29g. 58% RDA/RI.
Protein. 1g. 3% RDA/RI.
Fats. 0g. 0.69% RDA/RI.
Salt. 0g.
Fibre. 12g. 38% RDA/RI.

Country of Origin: China/Korea

Storage :
Store in a cool and dry place