SLH Rock Melon/Candy Melon

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Please note that Rock Melon will be replaced by Candy Melon if it is out of stock. If u are looking for only rockmelon/candy melon, please check with us on its availability before purchasing. Thank you.

Key Information:

Rock melon is also known as cantaloupe and musk melon. They are related to honeydews, watermelons, cucumbers, squash and pumpkins. They are commonly round with firm, scaly skin, greyish green buff rind skin.

Health Benefits:

The water, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in Rock Melon can provide a variety of health benefits.

Antioxidants, for example, can help prevent cell damage that can lead to cancer and other health conditions.

During metabolism, the body produces unstable molecules called free radicals, which can collect in the body and damage cells. This damage is known as oxidative stress. Antioxidants help remove free radicals from the body and prevent oxidative stress.

Canteloupe contains a range of antioxidants, including: 

  • vitamin C
  • lutein
  • zeaxanthin
  • choline
  • selenium
  • beta carotene

It is worth noting that, while the nutrients in food are essential for maintaining a healthy body, scientific investigations into the effects of these nutrients often deal with supplements, rather than dietary sources, and the results may be somewhat different.

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Store in a cool and dry place